Swanage Hospitality Association

Members of the Swanage & Purbeck Holiday Accommodation Association recognise that balancing factors such as environmental and social issues with financial objectives is an essential part of good citizenship.

We acknowledge that everyone has a direct impact on the environment through their daily consumption of non renewable resources, therefore we will endeavour to pursue approaches for protecting natural systems upon which life depends while at the same time seeking opportunities to help disadvantaged people of the world lift themselves out of poverty.

Members of the Association will demonstrate a commitment by supporting initiatives designed to address the effect of carbon emissions on our environment.  This means we will make every effort to:

  • reduce the use of materials that produce greenhouse gases
  • reuse materials that are reusable
  • recycle items that cannot be reused
  • reduce the amount of paper we consume

In addition, we will seek to source power from suppliers who make best endeavours to generate that power from renewable resources.


The following list of approaches will be pursued by us all in concert:

  1. our guests will be made aware of our policy and will be invited to contribute by:
    • reducing their consumption of electricity by switching off electric lights and appliances when not in use, paying particular attention to the effect of the ‘standby’ option
    • reducing their consumption of water, electricity and detergent pollutants by, for example, selecting an option to continue to use towels and linen rather than have them replaced
    • sorting their waste to facilitate recycling
  2. our personal contribution will include:
    • helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by sourcing our produce from local suppliers
    • reusing materials and containers e.g. bottles and jars
    • recycling materials that cannot be reused
    • helping to reduce the consumption of non renewable resources through sourcing our produce unpackaged
    • reducing the consumption of electricity by switching off electric lights and appliances when not in use and, for example, through the use of long-life, low energy light bulbs

We additionally agree to seek opportunities to support the efforts of underprivileged people to help lift them out of poverty. This means that whenever we are unable to source produce locally, we will seek the support of FAIRTRADE to source directly from third world producers.