The Best Things to do at Swanage

The coastal town of Swanage has all the right ingredients to fuel up the need for adventure and help you venture into different experiences. As you move around the place, you will come across the warmth of hospitality, as the people are loving and look forward to meeting travellers. As a result, you can be more than happy about visiting Swanage and the many places situated in the town. So to help you out, we have formulated a list of things that you can do at Swanage. Hence, go ahead and read them all out.

1. Swanage Beach

The Swanage beach is an annual Blue Flag winner and is the ideal place for individuals to have a great time with their families. Thanks to the amenities available next to the beach, many have rightfully classified this place to be the best. The long curve of white sand or light gradient opens the door for a couple of moments of relaxation, which can be made possible by hiring deck chairs and sun loungers. Apart from that, activities like watersports are also available, and you can proceed to make the most of it.

2. Swanage Railway

Swanage Railway

Passenger services were withdrawn in the 1970s, and Swanage Railway moved ahead to become a 9.5-mile heritage railway. But luckily, things changed for good, as the place reopened in 2017. Regular passenger services are now available, and you can go on a ride of a lifetime. The landscapes of the Isle of Purbeck and the jagged ruins of Corfe Castle can all be witnessed once you board the train. So move ahead to book your tickets because this adventure is about to begin.

3. Old Harry Rocks

It’s quite hard to find another place like Old Harry Rocks as the easternmost landform on the Jurassic Coast is mind-boggling and filled with a line of cliffs. Although the stacks that are situated in this place look ancient but are also in a constant state of flux. While the place majorly holds surviving pieces, it manages to include everything that a traveller needs in terms of adventure and breathtaking visuals. So by all means, visiting Old Harry Rocks will be a great addition to your trip.


4. Durlston Country Park

Durlston Country Park is a 320-acre coastal scenery that is managed by Dorset County Council and located into the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Out of all the major attractions that one could find in this park, the Great Globe stands to be the best deal. It is a 40-ton limestone globe carved in the 1880s and is an essential document of the world’s geography. The place is commissioned by Swanage Businessman George Burt and includes a cafe, restaurant, shop, park’s visitor centre and a couple of exhibitions.


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