Decoding the Best Places to visit in Swanage

Visiting Swanage, England stands to be an ideal decision as the place has a lot to offer. Apart from the suitable weather and hospitality, you will be exposed to a ton of places that paint the real picture of Swanage. Beginning from beaches and going up to parks, Swanage is a complete package that everyone needs to witness. But to get this task formalised, one needs to know all about the best places in Swanage and understand the main aspects that make them beautiful. So to get started on that front, let’s proceed to learn all about these places.

1. Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks is a set of chalk stacks of Handfast Point that look ancient and bring out a unique form of appeal. The place is located in the easternmost landform on the Jurassic Coast and is quite prominent for a whole bunch of reasons. Apart from bringing in a dose of history, it also manages to be beautiful, and the continuous line of cliffs are one of a kind. These cliffs are stretched all the way to the Isle of Wight, which is nearly 20 miles to the east.

2. Swanage Pier

When it comes to scenic beauty and breathtaking visuals, it is quite hard to match Swanage Pier. The Pier emerges from 1895 that also includes a remnant from an older pier that goes way back to 1861. Soon after a charitable body took over the place, the restoration activity that they conducted received praises from all corners and also gave them an award in the form of “Pier of the Year” in 2012. A gift shop and a museum run by the trust is located on the landward side, and it is essential that you visit these places along with the Pier.

3. Swanage Beach

Swanage Beach

Getting hold of some deck chairs and sun loungers and visiting a beach like the Swanage beach tends to be the best weekend plan of all time. The long curve of white sand fills this beach, as you get to choose from a list of amenities like shops, cafes, restaurants and other amusements. In case these aspects don’t amount to the type of fun that you are accustomed to, you can always proceed to choose different activities put forward by Swanage Bay’s pool-like waters.

4. Shell Bay

Shell Bay is another place that reeks of adventure and also includes a large natural harbour. The beach that is located at this place is beautiful despite being undeveloped. But if you wish to make things a lot more interesting, then you can go further and catch the Sandbanks ferry that takes you to another beautiful beach.


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